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License:(CC BY) Estimated time with students:2 to 3 periods Implementing Level:Basic Age:10-19
License:(CC BY) Implementing Level:3 to 5 periods Age:10-19
Build an augmented reality app or an augmented reality book. Implementing level:advanced Age:13-16
Escornabot es un proyecto gallego OpenSource Web oficial Age:16-19
An 8 step project on how to build a remote car. this includes description and an assisted video. Estimated time with students:more than 10 periods Implementing level:basic Age:16-1...
In this article the author will show you how you can make an Arduino Color Sorter. All we need for this project is one color sensor and two hobbyist servo motors, which makes this ...
This article describes the basics for a Makerspace at a school. Estimated time with students:1 to 3 Implementing level:basic Age:10-13
Another video of a different method of building a remote controlled car. Estimated time with students:5 to 10 periods Implementing level:basic Age:16-19
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