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The first Make In Class Multiplier Event in Italy

On Wednesday, 3 July 2019 the first Make In Class Multiplier Event has been held in Fano (Italy). The Multiplier event has been included as a dedicated session of the Fablab Micro Festival organised by the Municipality of Fano at Rocca Malatestiana. A lot of positive feedback have been collected by the Italian partners (Co.Meta, Municipality of Fano, Polo 3 Fano) on the project and the Outputs presented. More than 50 secondary school teachers and students attended the event and have been involved in hands on session on the Intellectual Outputs and practical maker-based activities. The Event started with the welcome of the new Assessor of the Municipality of Fano for Youth Policies. She stressed the importance of European collaborations for the development of the territory and the making as an emerging methodology for the future of our students. The “Fablab della Rocca Malatestiana” has been presented as a point of reference for Make In Class project at national level, describing the activities, tools and events planned. An overall overview of make in Class projects has been presented highlighting the project idea, main partner, target groups and Results. A special focus was on the first two Intellectual Outputs produced: IO1 Competence Map and IO2 Make In Class OER with an hands on session. The multiplier event has also involved teachers and students in practical workshops related to 3D printing and drone assembling. Below you can find and download the materials dinstributed and used for the event:
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Make In Class – First Multiplier Event in Fano

The First Multiplier Event will be held in Fano (Italy) on 3 July 2019 at 4 pm.

The Municipality of Fano with the support of Polo 3 school and Co.Meta  will organise the event called “Developing Maker-based Learning paths” in the Rocca Malatestiana Fortress located in Fano where the Municipality launched the initiative named “FABLAB FANO” ( aimed at promoting and spreading a ‘maker’ movement and digital inclusion in the territory through cultural, recreational and training actions.

The first multiplier event will reach out to secondary school teachers and schools dealing with early school leaving phenomenon as potential users of the project results. It will target also disengaged students, students with low performance and potential dropouts as final beneficiaries of the Make In Class project.

Decision makers and public authorities will be invited to make awareness raising on the Make In Class project.

The aim of the event is to disseminate the first Make In Class project results (IO1 Competence Map and IO2 OER) and start promoting the transferability of all material created within the project to other schools, organisations and contexts.

The main topics will be:

  • IO1 Competence Map
  • IO2 OER
  • Maker based activitiy (3D MODELLING and BUILDING A DRONE)
  • Droneball: the new team trend sport


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Make In Class – The second transnational meeting in Malta

The second transnational meeting was successfully held on 9-10 May 2019 in Malta.

Malta College of Art Science & Technology (MCAST) hosted the two working days in MCAST Main Campus located in Paola.

The participants:

  • Co.Meta S.r.l. uni personale: Marica Sabbatini, Giulio Gabbianelli
  • Municipality of Fano: Roberta Galdenzi, Davide Frulla
  • ISS Polo 3 Fano: Benedetta Tallevi, Loris Penserini,
  •  Bylinedu: Celia Ruiz Flores, Loli Iborra
  • Fablab Munchen: Birgit Kahler, Nicol Bobrich Draxler
  • Mcast: Christopher Gauci, David Mifsud
  • IES El Clot: María Teresa Fernández, Marcial Terradez
  • Gymnasium Neubiberg: Stefanie Will, Christopher Müller

During the different sessions the partners have discussed the project activities carried out so far and the activities planned for the next six months.

The partners focused, in particular, on the on-going first Intellectual Output (IO1 Make In Class Competence Map) and the activities foreseen in the second and third Intellectual Output (IO2 Open Educational Resources and IO3 Teacher Training Programme).

Another section was dedicated to the first multiplier event that is planned in September 2019 and the LTTA that will be organised in Germany in December 2019.

At the end of the meeting all the participants had the possibility to visit MCAST, in particular the laboratories for 3D printing and CNC machines.


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Make In Class – The second transnational meeting in Malta is coming

The Second Transnational Meeting will be held in Malta on 9-10 May 2019.

Malta College of Art Science & Technology (MCAST) will host the two working days in the main campus located in Paola, 5 kilometres from the capitol, La Valletta.

The partners from Italy, Spain, Germany and Malta will meet to discuss and plan the activities foreseen for the next months.

The new German school, Gymnasium Neubiberg from Munich, will have to opportunity to introduce itself to the partnership.

The main topics will be:

  • What has been done so far
  • IO1 Competence Map, IO2 Make in Class OER and IO3 Teacher Training Programme
  • The Transnational Training course
  • Quality Assurance
  • Dissemination activities


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IO1 Make In Class Competence Map

The Make In Class partners started to work on the first Intellectual Output: the Make In Class Competence Map.

It is an intuitive and easy to use tool useful to identify knowledge, skills and competences acquirable by students involved in maker-based activities. The main aim is to create a guiding tool to support non-expert teachers in integrating maker-based activities in their lessons.

It can be used in different scenarios and for different purposes from the achievement of specific learning outcomes to the implementation of maker based activities in the standard school curricula and the organisation of an inclusion process involving different subjects.

The partner are carrying out the first step: the Identification, comparison and analysis of the learning that takes place through maker-based activities in partner countries. During this step the partners will interview at least 5 respondents per country (teachers, experts in maker-based activities and inclusive processes for students) based on a common framework.

The data collected will be elaborated and will be the basis for the creation of the Map.

Stay tuned for more detail on the IO1 Make In Class Competence Map.

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Make In Class Kick-off Meeting in Fano (Italy)


The kick off meeting was successfully held on 7-8 November 2018 in Fano (Italy). During the different sessions the participants had the opportunity to present their organisations describing the activities carried out and the added value for the project. The partners have  discussed the project proposal in detail, analising  the project results, the possible target groups, dissemination and administrative tasks and financial issues.

The partners focused, in particular, on the activities foreseen for the next 6 months. They discussed the most suitable methodologies and tools to produce the first Intellectual Output (IO1 Make In Class Competence Map) and the activities related to the second Project Outputs (IO2 Open Educational Resources).

In the next few months, the partners of the project will be working also on the promotion of the project in different secondary schoool teachers in order to create a comunity of interest.