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Using technology to motivate young people

The phenomenon of early school leaving is a complex problem that involves several dimensions of social life, very often strictly linked to social contest marked by poverty and exclusion.

But there are also reasons that arise from personal factors, family matters, learning difficulties and more generally, how the school education system is organised and the role that the individual plays in it.

For all these reasons, the answers to the phenomenon of dispersion should be in order to counteract and reduce the seriousness of the problem and the initiatives must be several and addressed to educational ,social, labour and health policies.

Digital education is a fundamental element to increase the motivation of young people in general, and to counteract inequalities in learning even if technology itself is not enough, but must be accompanied by a technological and digital renewal of teaching methods and approaches.

For some years, the social policies of the Municipality of Fano have been aimed to promoting technologies in favour of adolescents and young people not only during school but above all in their free time, offering a FabLab service with spaces for the construction of three-dimensional products and devices and spaces for playing  instruments.

Agreements were made with local high schools to accompany students during class hours, offering a  technological  laboratory where they could learn how to build and use 3Dproducts and drones.

So much curiosity was aroused that in the afternoon many of them began to attend the FabLab deepening their knowledge, often abandoning the unqualified attendance of leisure time without interest but mostly marked by boredom and sometimes forms of aggression towards peers.

Counteract the use of drugs and alcohol abuse in young people is the mission of the municipal social services that strongly believes in offering opportunities for healthy interests by keeping adolescents and young people away from degraded spaces and often prone to violence.

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