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Make In Class – The second transnational meeting in Malta

The second transnational meeting was successfully held on 9-10 May 2019 in Malta.

Malta College of Art Science & Technology (MCAST) hosted the two working days in MCAST Main Campus located in Paola.

The participants:

  • Co.Meta S.r.l. uni personale: Marica Sabbatini, Giulio Gabbianelli
  • Municipality of Fano: Roberta Galdenzi, Davide Frulla
  • ISS Polo 3 Fano: Benedetta Tallevi, Loris Penserini,
  •  Bylinedu: Celia Ruiz Flores, Loli Iborra
  • Fablab Munchen: Birgit Kahler, Nicol Bobrich Draxler
  • Mcast: Christopher Gauci, David Mifsud
  • IES El Clot: María Teresa Fernández, Marcial Terradez
  • Gymnasium Neubiberg: Stefanie Will, Christopher Müller

During the different sessions the partners have discussed the project activities carried out so far and the activities planned for the next six months.

The partners focused, in particular, on the on-going first Intellectual Output (IO1 Make In Class Competence Map) and the activities foreseen in the second and third Intellectual Output (IO2 Open Educational Resources and IO3 Teacher Training Programme).

Another section was dedicated to the first multiplier event that is planned in September 2019 and the LTTA that will be organised in Germany in December 2019.

At the end of the meeting all the participants had the possibility to visit MCAST, in particular the laboratories for 3D printing and CNC machines.


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