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From small to big making projects

The last weeks our team spent a lot of time interviewing teachers and experts in the field of Making and we found out that the field we’re searching in is just about to start to work with maker based tools and activities, but making is hardly integrated in the standard curriculum yet. Up to now it rather seems to be an after school activity to enrich pupils that are very keen on learning technical things like robotics and drones, the courses are held by an expert teacher who likes making, or programming.

But walking through Make Munich Maker Fair beginning of march, we saw lots of different people doing very interesting making projects that can be adapted and implemented into school curricula. Our goal now is to widen the field, to motivate a lot more teacher on the one hand, no matter what subject, in order to reach more pupils by integrating Making into normal lessons.

In order to reach that goal, we work out different projects. Very small to long projects, easy to hard projects, cheap to expensive projects, projects that do not need a lot of equippment, that can be held within one or two hour lessons, up to others that take half a year and that need some equippment like 3D Printer, lasercutter, vinylcutter, electronics, drones…

Providing this range of activities including knowledge and the implementation into standard curricula of secondary schools we hope that soon a lot more pupils will get to know and get to love this sort of activities and without realizing will be motivated and keen on learning again. In the end the normal lessons are enriched with making acivities to better motivate the pupils and to make them want to invent, learn, construct and therefore need to be able to read, calculate and write…



An example: Stop Motion – subjects language and arts: starting the project with finding a topic, write a storyboard, paint and build background and choose figures, do the stop motion video, write dialogs, do the sounds. Present the film. You will see that pupils are very keen on working in a team, thinking of a story, writing a story board, getting all the equippment needed, painting and working on the backgrounds with different machines.. learning how to 3D model to get figures and houses, how to lasercut etc you can get all sorts of marks for your subject as a side effect.

So given the fact that all over Europe we deal with pupils that are more or less bored and unmotivated during „normal“ lessons, where they have to sit and listen and perceive intellectual input, that often is not related to anything they are interested in, our project aims to provide a lot of interesting little, medium or big projects for teachers, that they easily can implement into their lessons, to help those pupils to find a way back into learning and in the end everyone will be able to find a job after finishing school.


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