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IO1 Make In Class Competence Map

The Make In Class partners started to work on the first Intellectual Output: the Make In Class Competence Map.

It is an intuitive and easy to use tool useful to identify knowledge, skills and competences acquirable by students involved in maker-based activities. The main aim is to create a guiding tool to support non-expert teachers in integrating maker-based activities in their lessons.

It can be used in different scenarios and for different purposes from the achievement of specific learning outcomes to the implementation of maker based activities in the standard school curricula and the organisation of an inclusion process involving different subjects.

The partner are carrying out the first step: the Identification, comparison and analysis of the learning that takes place through maker-based activities in partner countries. During this step the partners will interview at least 5 respondents per country (teachers, experts in maker-based activities and inclusive processes for students) based on a common framework.

The data collected will be elaborated and will be the basis for the creation of the Map.

Stay tuned for more detail on the IO1 Make In Class Competence Map.

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